Monday, April 22, 2013


There are slew of primers for face and eyes available on the market. Typically they are available in the mid to high range cosmetics than drugstore, though some lines are coming out with them.

Eyeshadow base/primer:
Because my eye lids tend to get oily using a shadow base is a must. Eyeshadow base will keep eyeshadow from creasing and eyeliner from smudging. Also the base will make the colors of the shadow more vibrant.
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
This is my favorite among the ones I have tried. UDPP comes in several shades. I use the original as it blends right into the eyelid. The texture is very soft and velvety. You definitely have to blend quickly as it sets very fast. $14-24 at Sephora.
Covergirl shadow blast
This is meant to be a fade resistant eyeshadow which I use as a base. The pink shade I have adds a bit of shimmer and brightens the eye area. It is not completely crease proof though.
About $7-8.
MAC paint pot
This line is also fade and crease proof cream shadow. I have had this for over 4 years (!) and I still have 1/3 of the pot left. It lasts a long time on the lid - the shade I have is Bare Study which is a champagne shimmer.
Essence I <3 stage shadow base
Just picked this up at Shoppers for $3.99. Not sure how this will perform but when I tested it at the store it seemed smooth. Will keep you posted.

Face primer:
I tend not to use face primer as I don't see much a difference. My skin being oily combo with visible pores you would think primers would help. But what I notice is that the primer seems to make my face more shiny.

Benefit Porefessional

Very expensive ($36) tube of skin colored silicone primer. It is supposed to fill the pores to create a smooth base. It does smooth out my skin a little but I don't see enough difference to continue using it.

L'oreal Studio Secrets perfecting base

This base is a mousse type - again silicone being the main ingredient. Does smooth the skin and blurs the imperfections just a little. Because it's in a pot it is inconvenient to use.  About $11-13.

Hourglass mineral veil

Just picked up a travel set at Sephora for $29. It resembles a thick lotion and absorbs into skin leaving it smooth. Looking forward to see how it performs as it has been hyped quite a bit online. The full 1 oz size is $60. Very expensive.

Nars makeup primer with SPF

Got a sample size at Sephora when I claimed 100 points. The benefit of this is that it combines primer with sunscreen. The texture is like Hourglass, a lotion, which absorbs into skin. I tend to like this type of primer better as it feels less like a barrier.

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