Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Manicure of the week

This week I decided to do a simple nail art with the manicure. Because my natural nails are weak from a previous salon manicure (they filed down the top layer - I will not be returning to that salon) I decided to use the foundation for gel manicure as a base coat. After the usual gel manicure base coat I used Nicole by OPI to paint most of the nails. For the accent nails I did a moon shaped manicure. Then using a silver glitter nail art brush, drew a half circle on each nail. For the rest of the nails I used a dotting tool and the silver glitter to do my usual dot manicure.
To top off I used the Sache Vite UV top coat which I cured with my LED lamp for one minute. Nails feel very strong and there is no smudge or chipping so far.

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