Monday, January 21, 2013

Hits and misses 2012

Well I can't believe it's already almost the middle of January 2013. Where is the time going? 
As a true beauty junky I have tried a lot of products in 2012 and thought it would be fun to recap some of my favorites and not so favorites.
1. Revlon kissable balm stains (shdes:honey, darling and sweetheart)
I have very pale lips so without lipstick I almost look ill. Enter the world of stains. I love lip stains because the touch up is minimal. But didn't like the traditional stains that tend to dry my lips. Also the shade selections were pretty limited.
Revlon kissable balm stains look like fat crayons and addresses the issues I had with the other stains. This balm stain is moisturizing and is so easy to use. Just swipe it like a lipbalm.
Honey is a neutral mauve that I wear almost daily.
Darling is a light violet that is also wearable during daytime. Both however leave a stain that is deeper than what you see in the stick. I think this all depends on your chemistry as the stains don't look the same on all people. It lasts almost 5 to 6 hours and that means I only need to touch up once and look 'healthy'. 

2. Shiseido perfect refining foundation.
A recent discovery that I am enjoying very much. This foundation is very thin and seems to be hard to work with. However it actually gives a very good coverage and is easy to blend. The SPF 16 in the foundation is also a nice plus.
With this I don't need concealer and on my combination skin lasts upto 8 hours!  Bought mine at the Duty free shop in YVR airport for $38. 
3. L'oreal professional Vitamino colour conditioner
My hair has been chemically straightened, permed and coloured constantly. I tend to colour my hair every 2-3 months and am amazed that I still have decent hair left! I wash it every 2 days as it is heavily processed and extremely dry. When it comes to shampoo and conditioner I tend to like Japanese or Korean brands but noticed lately that they weren't working so effectively. The Viamino conditioner was a recommendation from a salon. It is $17 for a measly 200ml but worth every penny. My hair is light and soft and not weighed down at all. The hair feels super moisturized without the waxy film (like Pantene or Dove). Loving the results and hoping this will last a while. 

1.  EOS lipbalm 
This lip balm comes in such a cute packaging and was crazy popular amongst the beauty bloggers and YouTubers. I had ordered mine online because Canadian drugstores were not carrying them at the beginning of 2012. While I love the package, the lip balm itself and the shape doesn't do much. The balm is waxy and does not help with the chapped lips. It is also not cheap ($4 - 5 each). Definitely will not be repurchasing.

2. elf  Complete Coverage concealer
I tend to like elf products - what's not to like when you can get makeup and tools for $3 or $1! The Studio line is my favourite from elf and I enjoy the 50% off sales they have often. 
While I don't wear concealer every day, at times I look in the mirror in the afternoon and think "shoot, I should have brought some concealer to cover those spots..". Enter the 4 pan concealer palette which was very promising. Alas, the colour is great but the staying power is not. The formula is a thick cream, but does not go on too thick. The coverage is sheer and wears off in less than an hour! So my search continues. 

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