Friday, June 13, 2014

Dior Fluid Stick vs. Maybelline The Color Elixir

There is a new trend of hybrid lipsticks available in drugstores as well as department stores. They are supposed to have the feel of a lip balm, shine of a gloss and the color of a lipstick.

Maybelline The Elixir was launched at least 6-8 months ago in a huge range of colors. In Canada there are 20 shades available at around $8 - 10. The tube is very interesting as it appears to encase a lipstick bullet but actually is a gloss wand. The applicator is slightly bent with grooves to pick up more product. The shade I purchased is 500 breathtaking apricot.
This shade is more of a peachy pink with yellow shimmers. The gloss lasts about 2-3 hours on me and leaves a stain that is not obnoxious. 

While browsing at the duty free shop in the airport I was drawn to the beautiful display of Dior lipsticks. Without much thought I picked up the hot newly launched Fluid Stick in Tiny Pink. It's a golden peachy pink with a hint of neon sparkles. The case is shaped much like the Maybelline one but feels much more sturdier and luxurious. The wand is a plush doe foot applicator. The color is beautiful, almost milky peach and appears to be much lighter at first until it settles into the lips to a pretty color. It retails at $36 and there are 16 shades. These have been heavily marketed and several shades are sold out on Sephora website. 

It's hard not to compare the two as they are so similar.
Formulation are quite similar and feel like a thick but smooth gloss on the lips. The Maybelline one is a bit sheer so need several coats to achieve the opaque color I want. Whereas Dior only needs one coat.
As for the wear time Maybelline seems to last a little longer as it leaves more of a stain than the Dior one.
The Elixir has a bit of an artificial vanilla scent which doesn't linger long. Fluid stick has a fruity scent that is light and not noticeble once applied. Both are very moisturizing and feel comfortable on the lips.
Dior applicator on left, Maybelline on right
If you are looking to buy one of these I would suggest The Elixir based on the fact that it is almost 1/4 of the price of Dior and the wide availability, especially if you want to try several colors.  $36 is very steep for a product that has an almost identical dupe available in drugstores.
The shades available in Dior are not as commonly found in drugstores lip glosses which is one of the reasons to consider it.
Have you tried any of these hybrid lipsticks? 
Dior Tiny Pink on right, Maybelline Breathtaking Apricot on left

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