Saturday, May 17, 2014

Serum Review - Racinne Youth Power Serum

*this is a sponsored review as a sample of the product was given to me to be considered.

A fountain of youth. Does that exist? Well the cosmetic industry will want you to believe that such thing exists. As you all know I am such a beauty product junkie, I will try as many as products as possible.
Racinne is a company represented by a branding company in Vancouver, run by a group of friends. It is a Hong Kong based cosmetic company, utilizing Korean skincare technology.

The serum is encased in a gold bottle with a lid. The bottle is made of plastic, so it is lightweight and easy to travel with. The serum is on the watery side and absorbs quickly.

I really liked its citrus scent because it was refreshing rather than overwhelming like some other heavily perfumed products.
After using the serum consistently for 4 weeks, my face looked brighter and felt more supple. It did not give any trouble (such as clogged pores, irritations) and kept my skin looking rather smooth.

Racinne Youth Power Serum is currently being sold at T&T locations and can be purchased online at around $60 for 30ml. Compared to the high-end serums at Sephora and the department stores, this is definitely a bargain in price for a well performing skincare.

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