Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Eyeliners swatches

Thought it would be helpful to show the color of each eyeliner mentioned in my previous post.
First photo is of all the pencil liners. 

From L to R
Milani liqu'fy, Dollywink, Rimmel exaggerate,  Prestige in Suede, Clio waterproof in brown. 

They go on smoothly but as can be seen Dollywink and Rimmel liners smudge whereas the other ones do not. 

L to R: Prestige, Dollywink, Rimmel, the Faceshop, Milani, CLIO

I have a fewer number of liquid liners. 

From L to R
Urban decay 24/7 liquid eyeliner,  E. L. F. Liquid liner, Dollywink brush liner. 

Urban decay liner is the darkest and does not smudge. However it does flake off at the end of the day.
As can be seen the smudging is minimal. The last swatch is the Mac black track gel liner. Perhaps I didn't let it set long enough but the smudging is pretty bad in this swatch. 
I do prefer the felt tip over a brush tip because it is easier to control. The advantage of a brush tip is though being able to create a much finer and sharper line. 

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