Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Best drugstore eyeshadow palette. Wet n wild Comfort Zone

Wow it's been almost 6 months since my last post. I can't promise frequent posts but will try to keep this blog alive. 

If you have $5 to spare and are in need of a kick-ass 8 pan eyeshadow palette, the Wet n Wild Comfort zone is the one for you. I really think that this can replace the 10 times more expensive original Naked Palette by Urban Decay. They are sold at Walmart, Target and online ( 
The quality of the shadows is great considering that they are drugstore variety. The shadows are buttery and richly pigmented. With just one or two swipes you can have beautifully deposited color  onto your lids. Since these are so soft, the powders tend to fall on the cheeks. So using an eyeshadow base is a must. And I actually like using my fingers or sponge applicators to apply rather than brushes. 
The shadows are all warm tones with shimmers but are not too frosty. 
Have you tried Wet n Wild eyeshadow? 

Here are the swatches. First are of the 4 shadows in the left column. 

And here are the other 4 from the right side of the palette. 

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