Wednesday, February 8, 2012

this week i am obsessed with...

michael kors rose gold watch called "bradshaw". i have been eyeing men's style watches for a while - i don't want to follow the trend too much but the popularity of rose gold has really been on the increase.

if you google 'rose watch' you will get tons of blog posts and images... oh but they are so pretty. if you asked me last year if i would consider getting a rose gold watch, i probably would have said no. but during my holidays, my dad bought me a rose gold bracelet/watch that i have fallen in love with.

like makeup i like to have multiple accessories; watch is no exception. i have one in white, a couple in silver and one with a black strap. mind you i have had most of these watches for well over 5+ years.
what's holding me back right now is the price ($250 usd and over $300 cdn). maybe a fairy will drop it off for my birthday :)
here are some pretty pictures of my coveted item.
Bradshaw watch
similar rose gold watch

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