Thursday, February 16, 2012

put some color and fun on your face

makeup artists say that the blush is one of the most important makeup items. i didn't really start using blush until about 5 years ago and now i am a firm believer in this great picker upper for the complexion.

i have noticed that as i get older, the sallower my complexion is getting. also me being asian, i don't really have much of a colour in my complexion. as someone with a combination skin, i have found that more of a matte powder blushes work better than cream/very shimmery blushes because the dewiness and the shine eventually looks like oily cheeks - which is not pretty.

on a daily basis i use a bronzer, highlighter and a blush. my favourite bronzer is from Wet n Wild or ELF - really cheap but great non-orange bronzers. i use this under the cheekbones and at the temple as well as the jaw line. this will give you more of a sculpted, slimmer look for your cheeks and face.
(L to R): Lorac blush, Revlon highlighter, Wet n Wild bronzer
as for blush, my favourite brand is Nars - with all the naughty names like Orgasm (peach shimmer), Deep throat (peach-pink shimmer), Desire (matte hot pink), etc.
currently using Lorac (which is discontinued) in Pink Paradise - a true matte baby pink blush, which i love. many say to place the blush on the apples of your cheeks but i find that it is more flattering to put the blush on the sides.
highlighters can be tricky as they tend to be very shimmery. the one i am using is from Revlon - colorstay mineral finishing powder in 010 brighten (this may be discontinued as well). this pink highlighter is so pretty on the eye lids and top of the cheeckbones.
alternatively you could use Benefit 10 (which is a highlighter and bronzer in one). 

also having good brushes is a key for blush application - i have a duo fibre stippling brush for colour and highlighter and an angled brush for the bronzer. with bronzer less is more since putting too much will make the skin look muddy. using a fluffy brush, blend, blend, blend. there is nothing worse that a streaks of bright blush/bronzer.
here are close up pictures of each step. please excuse the smudged eye makeup - it was a long day :)
warning: extreme close ups

Brozer and highlighter
all 3 blended 

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