Thursday, February 9, 2012

my skincare routine

i have a combination skin with hormonal break outs on my chin area. my skin is far from great. there are many freckles and enlarged pores and discoloration from previous break outs. but it does feel supple and smooth, thanks to some of my staple items. most of the products i am using can be found at Shoppers drug mart.

cleansing oil: since i wear foundation and waterproof eye makeup, this is the first step. i have been using cleansing oils for over 6 years now. this type of oil does not create more breakouts or clog pores; rather it helps remove oil from my skin.
there are several brands you can purchase (Shu Uemura, MAC, DHC, Dermatologica) in north america. the brand i use is Kose (speedy cleansing oil) from japan, as it is the fraction of a cost to the other brands (about $10 vs $30+).
massage a pump or two onto dry skin with dry hands. then emulsify by adding a bit of water and rinse.

cleanser: i like foaming cleansers and have several different ones on rotation. currently using Skoah and Vichy. they are not my holy grail cleanser (Shieseido white lucent - very expensive at $48) but doing their job.

Clarisonic brush: this is what makes mediocre cleansers great. it is a very expensive gadget that i use daily. think of an electronic brush for your face like the sonic toothbrush. the pulsating brush head really cleans out pores and makes the skin feel super soft. initially your skin will expunge impurities and therefore may feel like you are getting pimples. this will go away after about 2 - 3 weeks. Clarisonic can be found at Sephora or Essential day spa online store. i would suggest the Mia which is smaller (but regular brush head) and is cheaper by about $75.

toner: i like the toner from Skoah - alcohol free and smells so fresh. currently using the Vichy white line (was on sale).

moisturizer (day): Olay complete spf 15 or spf 30 is a very good drugstore day moisturizer. currently am using Vichy and Cetiphil spf 15. both are non greasy and light.
as for my monthly breakouts, i always use Benzoyl peroxide as other acne meds do not seem to work for my skin.
(night): i like night moisturizer to have retinol as retinol helps with plumping the skin and shedding dead skin cells. all time favorite is Neutrogena anti-wrinkle intensive night cream. makes your skin extra soft and supple. Olay night elixir is also a good choice. remember it is much cheaper at Target ($18 vs $28 cdn).

what do you use? what are some of your go-to products?

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  1. I like clarins and shisedo for everything! but i find that i need to change my products every few months! is that just me?