Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Battle of mascaras

I love mascaras. I currently am rotating at least 4-5 different ones, which are all waterproof. I cannot wear regular ones because they do not keep my curls and will smudge.
The ones I am loving are YSL singulier, Stila all day waterproof volumizing, Maybelline Rocket volume and Maybelline cat eye hyper curl (only in Asia). 

My eyelashes are on the long side but are thin and sparse. They are straight without a hint of curl and cannot be coaxed to curl with just the mascara. 

Today's battle is between YSL and the Maybelline Rocket Volume.

YSL Singulier mascara was a spur of the moment buy at the duty free store in San Francisco. The tube is heavy gold and is very beautiful to hold. The bristle of the mascara wand is a spiral shape - I have not seen anything like it with other mascaras. The formula is on the drier side and does need multiple coats to give the result I like (thick, dark dramatic lashes). For $34, I expect it to be amazing. I have to say while I like it's non-clumping, non-smudging, super dark colour, I would not repurchase at this price. It feels like I have to put in more of an effort in coating my lashes than other mascaras.

Maybelline Rocket Volume has a nylon bristle, similar to Covergirl Lash Blast, but a little smaller. The bristle can be quite stiff and if not careful can poke the rim of your eyes. 
This formula is also on the drier side (especially compared to Maybelline Falsies). This also provides pretty clump free lashes with multiple coats. What I don't love is how stiff and brittle the lashes feel. Also since I like my lashes to look full and dramatic,  the look this mascara gives is not what I like so much.

Have you tried these mascaras?
Bare lashes - curled with Shu Uemura curler
YSL Singulier

Maybelline Rocket Volume
YSL Singulier - side view
Maybelline Rocket Volume side view

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