Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Battle of highlighters

Highlighters are all the rage (along with bronzers/contouring powders). I was pretty late in joining the party as I only used to use blush on my cheeks. As I get older I realize how important to fake the glow of youth (aka teenage years).  Purpose of highlighter is to emphasize high points such as cheekbones, forehead, bridge of the nose and to bring subtle glow to the face. The ones I use range from $3.99 to $50.
To be honest I prefer higher end highlighters because the effect is more subtle and the shimmer particles and the powder are much finer and softer.  However my favourite isn't the $50 Hourglass powder but the mid range $34 Benefit 10.
Etude house - model face color 01 highlight
This Korean brand has so many cheek enhancing powders and they come out with a new one every year it seems. The one I have was purchased on ebay for about $7. Amongst all the highlighters this has the most sheen. The powder is a bit too loose and the shimmer tends to fall on other parts of the face which can make you look a bit like a disco ball if not careful.
Wet n wild - Reserve Your Cabana
This giant highlighter is only $3.99!!! The size of it is about 4 times the Etude one and considering the price the quality is amazing. The powder is soft and finely milled. It gives a very subtle glow and can be dusted all over the face without being too shiny. This can be a quick dupe for the Hourglass Ambient powder in Diffused Light.
Hourglass -  Diffused Light
The packaging oh my. It is a beauty to hold. The powder is almost like silk and so very soft. This is supposed to cancel the redness in the face and not specified for highlighting. There are other powders in this line that are meant more as highlighters. The only reason I bought this $50 powder was because of a gift card. Otherwise I don't think it's worth the investment. The effect of this powder is so subtle it's hard to detect with eyes in my opinion. 
Revlon - colorstay mineral finishing powder 010 brighten
This is a very good pink shimmer highlighter found at the drugstore. I think I paid about $10. There is something about pink shimmer that makes a girl feel. so. pretty. This I use to highlight my browbone and the checks the most. The effect is just gorgeous.
Benefit - 10
This is a dual product of shimmer and bronzer in one. And this is the only product I have repurchased. The highlight has a subtle pink bronze look. Using the brush it comes with I sweep over the cheek area,  voila! highlight and contour at once. Sometimes I forgo blush with this. And almost every time I wear it people ask what I am doing different with my makeup LOL. The reason I love this the most is the staying power. Unlike most of the other highlighters this one stays on for at least 4-5 hours on my combo skin.
Etude House - very powdery 
Has a yellow sheen 
Wet n Wild - Reserve your cabana 
Subtle glow 
Hourglass - Diffused Light 
Too subtle to be a highlighter 
Revlon Colostay Mineral Finishing powder 
Oh so pretty!
Benefit - 10
Love this!

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