Wednesday, March 27, 2013

L'opera Parisian bakery

There always is room for pastry in my stomach. Even though I try to stay away from gluten French bakery is my weakness. My love for pastry is probably as strong as my love for make up.
In Vancouver there are few reputable bakeries I like to visit: Tomas Haas, Bel Cafe, Thierry and Fabourgeou and Beaucoup.
In recent Internet search found that there is a new Parisian bakery opened just a few streets from me and today went to grab a few goodies. Picked up 3 macarons at $2 each,  a croissant $2.75 and a mille feuille $5.80.
The croissant was amazingly light and buttery and flakey all at once. It was crunch on the outside with soft almost pillowy middle. I enjoyed this so much (and with homemade strawberry jam no less). 
The flavors of the macarons I got were black sesame and blueberry cheesecake  (sweet and creamy) and passion fruit (tangy and sweet).  The cookies were a bit softer than I was used to but figured it's because was made today. Would be perfect the day after - as would with all macarons.
Oh so yummy can't wait to try other baked goods! 
Apparently this bakery is run by a mother daughter team - the daughter seemed very young and both were very nice. I appreciate the little things like the sticker on the bag and the beautiful embossed bag.
It's open Wednesday to Sunday 9-6. They also have high tea for $25 that you can reserve 48 hours in advance. Gotta try that soon too. Yummy in my tummy!

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