Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sana Tonyu skin care

Before my trip to Japan I. December I did some research on affordable skincare. Came across the Sana Tonyu (soy) line and have been pleasantly surprised. The line I bought is the original one - a soy toner and a cream (a decent sample of cleanser came with it). Both the toner and the cream were about 1000 yen each, approximately $12 CAD.

This line doesn't seem to contain any fragrance which I really enjoy. The cleanser produces thick foam that cleanses the face without drying it. The toner is light milk color and leaves the skin feeling hydrated. The cream is what I enjoy the most. It is more like a thick gel-cream hybrid that blends into skin rather quickly. I can feel that my skin is moisturized and feels plump in the morning. I have not had any issues with this line at all such as break outs or rashes.

This line is called Nameraka Honpo on and the whole range is available.

PS. Sasa is a large cosmetic retailer in Hong Kong that sells many Asian lines, especially Japanese brands at affordable prices. They ship all over the world and offer free shipping with certain purchase amount.

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